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What is LIFT?

Leadership and Inquiry for Transformation (LIFT) is part of the University of Utah’s Utah Education Policy Center (UEPCs) professional learning series offered to school and district leadership teams throughout Utah and the intermountain region. Aligned with national and state leadership standards, LIFT provides professional learning opportunities to leverage the expertise and experience of leadership teams to apply evidence-based tools and resources in each unique setting to address important and relevant problems of practice.


Effective, impactful, and scalable professional learning for leaders and leadership teams is limited. Yet, expectations and accountability for leaders is significant. Given both the desire of leaders to maximize outcomes for students, educators, and schools and the demands of improving school conditions for educator success, teaching and learning and equity and engagement in education, LIFT offers the opportunities for leaders to develop and enhance the knowledge, skills, and capacity of individuals and teams to create the conditions for educator and student success that leads to powerful student learning, continuous improvement, and positive transformational change.

We invite school teams to come together with us to…

LIFT is grounded in the five LIFT Leadership Principles – Clarity of Focus & Unifying Purpose, Inquiry & Reflection, Process & Structure, Relationships, and Communication.i  LIFT  Leadership Principles serve as the anchor for engaging in more targeted learning and application to practice (e.g., teacher collaboration, professional learning, evidence-based instruction, and social emotional learning).  

We recognize that individuals come with varied experiences, perspectives, expertise, and assets. As such, we build on these strengths and unique needs by providing a variety of professional learning strands in which school teams can participate.

Rorrer, A. K., & Groth, C.. (2016). Leadership Principles for School Improvement and Change. Salt Lake City, UT: Utah Education Policy Center.

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