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Leadership Academy


The purpose of the Leadership Academy is for school and district leaders to gain mastery in leadership development and practice through coherent, systemic, and focused exploration and practice in a  networked learning community using whole group and differentiated learning groups.


UEPC Leadership Academy sessions are intentionally designed to be relevant and research-based, include continuous learning and applicability, are coherent, systemic and focused, and collaborative and professional. Opportunities exist for each educator to engage in standard and customized research-based leadership learning experiences to enhance knowledge acquisition and application to make improvements in their specific context.

The Leadership Academy meets as a whole group monthly, 8 times per year,  from Aug.-May,  for a full day in a networked community of practice learning sessions across a school system. School teams and central office administrators engage in rich, collaborative experiences to facilitate leading instructional transformation resulting in students’ achievement. The following table shows the various components that comprise a UEPC Leadership Academy.


Leadership Academies with districts are designed to result in improvements in the following: 

  1. Enhanced instructional leadership practice
  2. Enhanced awareness of leadership competencies
  3. Strengthened leadership competencies and skills of participants
  4. Expanded leadership knowledge, skills, and strategies
  5. Enhanced leadership development to maximize impact in teaching and learning
  6. Customized an individual and actionable leadership plan
  7. Collaborative, cohesive leadership teams
  8. Abilities to transform learning to new situations and circumstances

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