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Leadership Coaching


District and school-level leaders receive personalized and customized one-on-one coaching to maximize strengths and develop capacity for improved performance and effectiveness. 


Sample of Support Structures
Systems Alignment
  • Develop observation and feedback protocol based on school need
One per year
  • Developing various strategies to collect both qualitative and quantitative data based on teacher and student performance
Several meetings (e.g., monthly)
Leadership Capacity Building
  • Coaching for administration, coaches, teachers, and staff
Frequent meetings (e.g., weekly)
  • Engaging in mock feedback sessions to practice and reflect on feedback strategies
Frequent meetings (e.g., weekly)
  • Side by side instructional observations and/or walkthroughs followed by reflection protocol
Frequent meetings (e.g., weekly)
  • Learning walks (classroom observations)
Several meetings (e.g., monthly)
Teacher Professional Learning
  • Develop peer observation and feedback protocol and conduct peer observations
Multiple meetings (e.g., quarterly)

Instructional coaching services are perfect for instructional leaders who want to:

  • Improve instructional observation through both qualitative and quantitative strategies
  • Provide support to staff through formal and informal observation and feedback protocols 
  • Create a culture of self-reflection and peer feedback within their school community 
  • Create student-centered observation protocols 

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