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Partnership for School and District Improvement and Turnaround


The UEPC Bridgeworks Team partners with schools and districts to create equitable and excellent schools where leaders, teachers, and students thrive. As an adaptive assistance partner, the Bridgeworks Team works with schools and districts to build capacity in leadership, teaching, and learning in ways that transform the current state of practice with the goal of supporting all students to achieve at high levels.  


Below is an example of the structures that are involved in our adaptive assistance partnership with your school.  Please note that these are adapted and tailored to each partnership context to reach your specific goals and desired outcomes.

School/district progress report/update meetings (“get on the same page”: Four per year
Administrator/coaches strategic planning meetings (30, 60, 90 Day Plan/implementation cycles): Several meetings (e.g., Monthly)
School leadership team meetings and faculty meetings: Several meetings (e.g., Monthly)
Individual and/or team leadership coaching sessions: Frequent meetings (e.g., Weekly)
Learning walks (classroom observations): Several meetings (e.g., Monthly)
Practice and support for observation and feedback cycles: Several meetings (e.g., Monthly)
Implementation data collection and reflection cycles: Three per year
PLC sessions Several meetings (e.g., Weekly)
Lab Classes/Lesson Study Several meetings (e.g., Monthly)
Instructional coaching cycles with teachers Frequent meetings (e.g., Bi-Weekly)
Whole faculty professional learning sessions focused on 1-2 of the following:

·   Focus on standards

·   Evidence-based, standards-based instruction

·   Formative assessment practices

·  Responsive learning environment

Three per year
Grade level/content team professional learning sessions: Three per year
Summer back to school professional learning days: One per year



Our partnership with your school or district is designed to result in improvements in the following: 

  • Student learning outcomes (i.e., improved performance on assessments and other demonstrations of student learning) and other student outcomes (e.g., active engagement in the classroom) 
  • Teacher knowledge of core standards and standards-based instruction
  • Teacher collaboration and PLC structures
  • Instructional coaching structures and processes
  • Leader observation and feedback to support instructional improvements
  • Evidenced-based decision-making and use of data to improve instruction 
  • Positive behavior supports
  • Teacher leader capacity
  • Communication and shared understanding of a collaboratively developed vision
  • Family and community engagement, including afterschool and community school program alignment

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