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School Improvement Academies


Provides professional learning for leadership teams in a community of practice to learn and refine the skills necessary to create sustainable systems to move a school out of turnaround and continue their improvement process beyond.



School-based, individual needs assessment: One per year

Support with writing school improvement plans and complete required documentation: Several meetings (e.g., Monthly)


Coaching for administration, coaches, teachers, and staff: Several meetings (e.g., Monthly)

Leadership check-ins: Mutliple meetings (e.g., Weekly)

Individual and/or team leadership coaching sessions: Multiple meetings (e.g., Weekly)

Learning walks (classroom observations): Several meetings (e.g., Monthly)

Practice and support for observation and feedback cycles: Several meetings (e.g., Monthly)

Implementation, data collection, and reflection cycles: Three per year


Professional learning for teachers: Several meetings (e.g., Bi-Monthly)

Instructional coaching cycles with teachers: Frequent meetings (e.g., bi-weekly)

Whole faculty professional learning sessions focused on 1-2 of the following: Three per year

   ·Focus on standards

   ·Evidence-based, standards-based instruction

   ·Formative assessment practices

   ·Responsive learning environment

Summer back to school professional learning days: One per year


This academy is for schools and leaders who want:

  • Support with aligning systems of structures to support student learning and exit turnaround
  • Support with developing and refining leadership skills of administrative teams and school leadership teams
  • Individualized plans and coaching based upon their schools needs

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